Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recent Work

We often build bikes for people that never reach this blog. They usually go out the door as soon as they are finished. Here are some photos of some that got away.

This was a bike I had never seen before. "The Londoner" made in Japan in what appeared to be the 70s. Beautiful headbadge, nice color and what I liked most English threading which made for a pretty simple rebuild. Notice the long wheelbase. It rode like a dream. I.m a big fan of this kind of frame design. If you compare it to say, one of todays typical hybrids, it puts them to shame.

I'm a big fan of the old Raleigh Gran Prix frames. Very light, strong, nice lugs and pretty rear seat stays. This one went to Andy, who works at a nice bar on Division st. We used 700x 32 tires, as he is a city commuter and was looking for a quick bike, still with a soft ride. Set up as a roadster.

This bike also did not stay around long. I loved the color. Cyclepro road
bikes are pretty rare. The Wald woody rack has been a nice addition for us. They are a bit heavy, come with the cheapest screws available but look and work really well, if you mount them properly. I'm a big fan of big bells and believe all bikes should have them. This bike also was done ,using Green Grips bar wrap, which I really like. You'll need to do some heavy shellacking, however. But you can't beat how nice it looks.

This bike never made it out in the pictured setup, as the owner thought he could do a better job. enough said...

This bike, I rode this 66' Triumph for about a week before it sold. I carried a case of bottled beer to a party on this bike on a cold winter night. It was quite heavy but the basket didn't mind at all. It was purchased as a gift, by a nice girl to give to her boyfriend for Christmas. Lucky, boy.