Monday, June 29, 2009

Beware of sellers using the phrase ready to ride

As I cruise craigslist daily, I often check out the regular bike sellers just to see what they have acquired. We spend much of our time in search of just the right bike to rebuild. I get jealous when, someone beats me to a nice old lugged bike, or some Dura Ace equipped bike that sold way too cheap. Some of these guys post regularly on CL, I really don't know they find the time to post as much as they do. Many seem to be stuck on the phase "ready to ride". Some also are big on the words de-greased and re-greased. A writer from Chicago Magazine can in recently and interviewed us. He asked what should one look for when purchasing a used bike. I told to look out for guys who said their bike was "fine tuned" a term who's hidden meaning is "bullshit". Another one to look out for is "ready to ride". It's a copied term that gets used way too often. It's hidden meaning is " I haven't fucking touched the bottom bracket, so don't ask". At the time of this post, I used keywords ready to ride on a CL bike search and got 79 matches. My advice, beware!

A twenty plus year old bike, with twenty plus year old wheels? No mention from any of these guys about spoke re-tension. On single speeds, look out for guys who failed to mention if the rear wheel was re-spaced or re-dished. It takes a lot of time and patience. It's needed in most every case, It make for a straight chainline. Prevents premature chain wear and most importantly, keeps the chain from falling off. Below is a photo of and incorrect chainline. It's way too far to the left.

It's easy to put a bike out sale at $200 bucks if you don't put any time or money into it. Below is an example of a good chainline. Checkout the spacing.

To do a good rebuild, one should really replace the wheels, unless they were really nice double eyeleted ones used on higher end models. I'm gonna start sending these guys emails asking, what the fucks up with the old ass wheels? Gotta check their asses. Shits outta control.

Perfectly Spaced.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Talk about ruffling Feathers

I rarely get comments on this blog, occasionally I get some from people who I know. Mostly good stuff or something funny. The previous post must have really struck a nerve to a few readers as I got plenty negative comments. I'm of the belief that any criticism is ok. At least then I know folks are reading. This one guy said I have no business talking about the Mercier Kilo TT. When I don't know who the rider is. Well, I don't remember saying I care who was riding it. I wouldn't car if it where a relative of mine. Though I would not be speaking to them. I just said they, (the bikes) have no soul. While certain bikes do have their place, (they meet a price point) of fit a budget (usually low). It's okay to say how you feel about them. Furthermore if you want your comment posted please have the balls to leave a name with your comment. Otherwise keep it to yourself. A crew of us went to NAHBS this winter and the two things you could say about the bikes on display. They had tons of character and plenty of soul. Perhaps because they built by humans. (by hand). Not just a spec sheet that was faxed to Taiwan. If that's what some people call a nice bike, so be it. Some people call Lite beer, beer. I call it a waste of money. Taking great names like Motobecane, Windsor, Dawes and Mercier. Marketing them to appear to be different brands and selling them to the masses, is just kinda shitty. For those who wrote and said this blog sucks, and I suck, thanks for reading. For those who like it, much love!

Sold at
Comes in many colors,
Free shipping,
Still ain't got no soul...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I've noticed of Late

I just finished going over my SD card, clearing out some of the junk photos and there are a few things that I've come to notice. Thought I'd catalogue them here. Here is what Hippies used to call Hash

Of course, things sometimes change for the worse.
Here is what hipsters call hash.

I think I prefer the smaller plastic bag.
It seems more and more people are doing the World Naked Bike Ride

More folks are riding bikes these days. Makes me happy. Along with that the saggy ass factor appears to be disappearing. That can't be a bad thing.

Amy has been working real hard for the title of worlds worse dressed human and she does a pretty good job of keeping herself near the top of the heap.

But just when she nears the top of the pile, Sven Lager just smacks her the fuck back down. Yikes!

Because of a silly bet, I gave up eating sausage and all other meat for a month.

A whole month! I did not lose a fucking pound!

That 70s French bikes are really beautiful...

However the shit you buy from Ain't got no soul.

Let's not forget, Chicks and Bikes.

Be back soon.