Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chicago Xmas Mass

I usually never ride Critical Mass. I feel it could be a good thing for the cycling community in Chicago. Perhaps if it were done right. Or had less Massholes. That's a term given car drivers in Massachusetts when they drive recklessly. Here in Chicago, it's a term given to cyclists in Critical Mass who act like buffoons. I figured on Christmas Day, there would be very few riders and almost no car traffic, so what the hell.

Three of us (Sven Scott & myself) who seemed to be the only people still in town on xmas, ( we're at that age where no one really has to see ya at Christmas time ) decided to head on downtown. If nothing else we could see just how many crazies would be out that night.

The ride downtown was nice, however short. I had assembled the Holdsworth, that had been hanging from the ceiling for months. I was happy to only have a short commute downtown. I lowered the seat for photos and had forgotten to raise it before jumping on. Stupid, yeah I know. The thing looked really sweet anyways.

I built the rear hub up as a 4-speed. Figured it would give me pulling options in the wind/snow. It worked really well.

Holiday Bar ends...

We met up with what seemed to be about 60 people (80 tops). There was holiday cheer, people taking pictures, smiling, talking, flask sipping, it was snowing lightly, a really pretty scene, given the day it was.

We shoved off after 6pm or so. A quick trip trough he loop with no circles around the block, cool. There were two cop cars in the procession and we were moving at a pretty good pace. As soon as we came upon Michigan avenue, pulled up to a light, there it was. MASS UP! What? there's only enough people to barely fill the intersection and some fools gotta yell mass up. I spoke up without yelling, SHUT UP. We continued along Michigan, which is quite beautiful this time of year. Tons of lights, people hurrying about, and on this night, very few cars. We ended up near the Viagra Triangle and then it happened...
Right in the middle of the little park near Gibsons. They decide to do a circle. I call it the "Circle Jerk". Thats one sure way to piss a driver off. Yeah anyone can wait for a procession, but waiting while someone completely fucks up the intersection, well...thats just rude.

We were not even halfway through the ride and I was thinking of my exit. I figured once we hit Armitage. Exit west, let's get the fuck out of here. As soon as we left the group, I could feel the night getting better. Really, as soon a we turned off. It was snowing pretty heavily and the westbound traffic did not exist.
There's nothing like a night ride in fresh snow. The bike was very quiet and so where the streets.

Heaven has no massholes...


  1. They always seem to do the circle thing. It's quite annoying most of the time.

  2. cool blog and pics. couldnt agree more with this post and it is kind of refreshing to hear it from someone so into bikes.