Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things are Heating up.

I should be on the reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. Not because I'm trying to lose my fat ass, but because I'm such a slacker to this blog. The weather is getting more to the liking of fair weather riders, so folks are coming out of the woodwork. I've never been a fan of seasonal cyclists. But alas, this year I'm ready. (somewhat).

Last time I posted. I listed the Next Girlfriend Bike Challenge. I have some challengers and I'm confident that I'll kick the balls off of all of them. The most serious challenge, I believe will be the one from Bean. She's re-doing an already hot Peugeot mixte, that will be one of the nicest rides on the street. It's Purple for gods sake. Hard to beat that color.
Ryan, got started on a bike and let Roseanna finish his project (of course), a Peugeot mixte as well. It's nice, but my next girlfriends bike should easily crush it.

I also got a challenge from Jesy G. a girl who this time last year rode a Schwinn Collegiate. Now she has a small collective of bikes. Not sure what she's gonna do. I don't think she's sure either. But as with the others, my NGB will kick her cute little ass. Mike Figueroa also sent me a challenge via email. I however see him walking and holding hands, more than riding, so his ass is kicked before he ever starts. Yes Mike thats right. Laura, is working to build her next girlfriends bike for herself. She's putting a ton of effort into it, which pleases this guy to no end. She has however asked for my assistance with assembly. Naturally, I'll assist. I will also make sure she doesn't win.

I built up this pretty Raleigh Sprite last week. The gem goes to Lane, who looks Divine in the saddle. For fans of "Chicks and Bikes" here it is:

Roseanna rebuilt this little guy on Sunday. It's a Raleigh Twenty folding bike. She even repacked the 3-speed Sturmey Archer hub. (impressive)I bought 100psi tires tires for it. They have a lot less drag than the originals. The little sucker really moves out.

Seems it needs a basket, perhaps a rear one. Gonna look in to that.

Here are some pics of recent work:

I'm really diggin the roadster setup.

This is a Nashbar frame, Bean built up.

Keep you posted.


  1. Maybe the judge of this challenge should be different from the guy holding the challenge...I know, I know - it's just for fun. But seriously...

  2. I'm not the judge. Photos will be posted here and the public will choose.