Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something we are currently working on

Along with leather re-upholstered saddles, we are attempting to design and produce leather saddle bags. Since these will be cut from remnants, colors will vary. Here is one that we installed on that pretty Suteki Mixte. These would be good for storing a light jacket, plastic bag to cover your saddle, a sammich, your keys, wallet, or whatever you don't want in your pocket. I will post other colors as they are produced. Figure a leather bag in the 45.00-50.00 dollar range, handmade.

A few bags in different colors should be available this upcoming week.


  1. Ooh, save me one! I wanna be the first asshole to put one on a Cervelo (along with the Brooks B17)...

    PS- Whatever happened to those wine crate racks?

  2. I have wine boxes, don't think your cervelo has braze -ons for a rack and not sure if we will have bags in orange..

  3. Ha - definitely wouldn't put the wine crate on the Cervelo - just curious about a good idea. As for the bags, does it not clip on to the Brooks saddle, i.e. a saddle bag? Hope things are good back in Chicago.

    - Mike (from Jerusalem)