Tuesday, October 30, 2012

People talk to me about accidents. I talked to a girl, a pedestrian, last night who said she won't ride in Chicago because she doesn't want to get hit. I have to say, about cyclist safety, 80% of the time, it's their own fault. Cyclists like to make a lot of noise about respect but they don't respect the road, many of them. I've spent many afternoons sitting at the Matchbox at Milwaukee and Odgen, watching these idiots. It'll be 4:30, rush hour for every fucking body and they're blowing the red light. Regularly I get an ear full from some dumb ass whose injuries and damage don't match the story. 

I'm not a fan of repairing bikes that shouldn't have been broken in the first fucking place. In truth, most repairs aren't from accidents. People that have been riding for a long time know how to deal for the most part. The repairs I can't stand are these kids that don't take care of their shit, leave their bikes sitting around and then want me to undo months of neglect.

They way I'd like to be spending my time is building custom set ups for people who have specific needs. I like to sit down with someone and talk about what their ride is, what roads, how long, what they like to ride in versus what they have to wear for work, etc. Basically I want to build bikes for their fashion needs, their lifestyle, their commute.

The light blue Mercier was constructed for a taller woman, who does not ride everyday. Hand stitched leather women's specific saddle, lower gearing, upright riding position and pedals that came handle heels. Although I don't endorse riding in heels. The olive colored bike was built for Marta, she's the owner of, " A Vision Chicago" a floral and wine boutique on Damen ave. Obviously a woman with style. I had it painted in this sage color and gave it an antique touch with a vintage leather saddle. Soft riding touring tires. Shortened the wheelbase by adding a straighter rake fork.

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