Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you Ready?

It's that time of year, when fall fashions come out of the closet. The cheaper summer wear go's into retirement and for us cyclists it seems, it's dark when you take to the roads in the A.M and Dark when you finally make it home in the evening. Swirling winds are starting up and it really doesn't matter what direction you're riding in, the wind is against you. Being as into bikes as I am, I usually shun the term "biking weather" or "bike season". In my mind there ain't no such thing as bike season.

So to welcome the change in weather, and to get those fabulous fall fashions wrapped around us, I like to welcome one and all to, Lugs first annual Tweed Ride!

For you who are still curious, or who stop me on the street and ask why a tweed ride. It's our way of showing the stylish side of cycling. Sort of a fashion show on wheels. Besides, it's a shitload of fun.

For those not use to this type of ride, here's a few things FYI.

Gloves: the low for the night is projected to be 36 degrees.

Undergarments: I'm fond of bib shorts, besides ass padding you get that cozy feeling underneath.

A metal coffee mug: what you put in it is your business.

Lights: It will be dark, if you don't have any we have a few sets at the shop.

A scarf: so you don't have to always wipe your nose on your sleeve.

A lock or locks: (after party) should be a good time (11pm)
A few bucks: just makes sense...

An empty bladder: we will make a brief park stop. What you do is your call, I won't look.

Dress up: cause that's the whole point.


This just in!
We will end at Corosh 1038 Milwaukee Ave.
Outdoor Fire on the Patio
Outdoor grill
$2 hipster juice (PBR)
$3 Bells Amber draft for those with taste buds

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