Thursday, October 15, 2009

What You missed/ Chicago Tweed

Well it's come and gone. Our first annual tweed ride. Oh what fun you missed! Oct. 10th in Chicago has an average temperature of 62 degrees. Should be the perfect time for tweed right? It would if mother nature didn't hate Chicagoans. What a little @$%%&!
The over night low temp for the Tweed Ride? 29 degrees! I want to thank everyone who came out and gave old mother nature the middle finger.

I love it that so many came out even though it was a blustery Saturday night and I'm sure there were many other options for the evening. Including staying at home and doing nothing.

It was beautiful to meet so many cool people for the first time. I loved how the gathering wasn't a scene or a particular cycling clique. It was a community of people who genuinely love the bicycle Yes that lovely human powered vehicle! Not just fixie, not just spandex, not massholes, just folks in love with the bike. Here are a few shots from the evening.

Does Kate not look like she should be distributing the New York Times? circa 1936?
Extra, Extra! Tax on Booze just passed in the New York legislature... read all about it.

Garth, the definition of cool..

Clare should dress like this every Saturday night.

Even Ryan looked stylish that night. Compare this look:

To his hip spring Uni-Bomber look:

Ryan was also the first Flat tire of the night. Shitty Continental's. Yeah I know. I don't care what the masses think. I think they're shit. Fortunately Bean Came to his rescue.

Way to go Ryan, just stand there and smoke a cigarette. Beans got it.

Laura dresses like this everyday:

Then of course the chilly but cozy after boozing.

What is it about bicycles and PBR? I just don't get it. Great photo however.

Little Taco really wanted to come but Amy Left her BMX bike in Humbolt Park and her style at The Rainbow Shop. Poor little guy, sorry you couldn't make it.

All in all the ride was a success, and we will for sure do it next year.
Damn , I love bikes!

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