Monday, April 13, 2009

Crazy hair and other things that drive me nuts

So, this past Sunday was Easter. It's a religious holiday for you agnostics out there. Myself and Ms. Hoskins decided instead of going to brunch and having Mimosa's like religious folks, we might instead setup camp at the flea market. We got up around 5am mind you, to do this. So maybe it's us and not those soon to be mentioned in this post, that are nutjobs. Wow the spell check's going crazy who knew nutjobs wasn't a word. Anyway, we noticed some attendees to the market merit a bit of a case study. One such study could be done on guys with funny hair. Guys with funny hair arrive later than guys with regular hair. I presume it's because they can't leave the house until whatever they use on their hair settles in. Take for instance this late arrival guy below:

I assume the lady walking with him was related somehow. Even she seems though to be wondering...what's up with that hair? And why didn't we get here until after all the deals were gone? Note also that wind speeds were nearing 30mph yesterday. Don't matter when your hair is frozen like an embryo.

We photographed these guys after they left our setup. They got the award for cheapest shits at the market. The one with the reddish hair wanted this Ladies Schwinn Suburban. I told him it was 25 bucks. He then asked for a test ride. Ms. Hoskins warned me not to be an asshole, but I just couldn't help myself. 25 bucks and he wants a fucking test ride? Hey buddy how's about a custom fitting also? Maybe some free bar tape included? They drove me crazy!

After this photo was taken they stopped at the ice cream truck. Again, they bought nothing. I assume because the guy didn't want to throw in a hand job with purchase of a chocolate eclair. So off they went, presumably to annoy others.

What's with the balloon? Some crazy sex toy I assume. They're heading in the direction of the bathrooms. May have been a George Michael moment in the making.

I've always feared guys with white hoods. Must be the southerner in me. The boys in the next photo were scary. Not because of their hoods, more so because they wanted a fixed gear bike for less than $50 bucks. That's fuckin scary!

The asshole below? That would be me. I look like an idiot in those glasses. After a cold day putting up with fleas, I was seriously thinking about ending it all. Hence the pocket knife. Some schmuck saved me though, he offered me 2 bucks for the blade. I couldn't resist, it was the only money I made the whole day. Next week has to be better.