Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Two Cents

For what it's worth, I've come to see things so much differently than in the past. I look around and see beauty in things that I previously took for granted or just never really noticed. I was talking to a friend yesterday, we often discuss bikes and techniques for building them. This exchange however, moved in a slightly offbeat direction. We both agree that bicycle travel is one of the most naturally human things we do. It's a lot like eating and drinking. It just feels right.

The blog Chicks and Bikes in many postings, shows this natural, human side. I both love and hate that blog at the same time. While many postings have beautiful self propelled women in them, some appear to have posers, bad posers in them. I get really excited when I see a chick rolling up the street on a bike. I'm sure there are others who get a thrill as well. It's easy to see why that blog has so many followers. Myself included.

Recently, we had a couple of chicks come in and assist in the assembly of their bikes. We've actually had more than a couple. But the scatterbrain in me forgot to get photos of most. Below are Lucy and Heidi. Look at the smile on Lucy's face.

Heidi was busy checking out her new whip and didn't have time to pose. I understood and shot this anyway.

Contrast those two beauties with say, a woman on a cell phone in heavy traffic. Hello Mary? There's a truck bearing down on you. Put down the phone and tear ass!

I think this woman was talking about how her SUV isn't white like the other SUV's in that mall parking lot. I'm so much better than them.

I can't see much need for a Chicks and SUV's blog. Maybe in stripmallville USA. Looking at these pics is the equivalent of taking a cold bath. While the one side is human and beautiful the other seems quite unnatural. Like soy Ice cream, there's just no reason for it. Even for someone Lactose intolerant like myself. I think I'll start carrying my camera with me more often. These Chicks with Bikes really turn me on.

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