Saturday, May 9, 2009

This Week in Bikeville

Some pretty interesting things seem to happen in Bikeville. What's really neat is, all you have to do is keep your eyes open. In her last post Bean forgot to mention just how addicted she is to perfection. Here she is making adjustments to Briannas bike on the street.

Of course, what she really wanted to do was hop on her bike and do a silly trackstand. Don't you love her?

Powdercoating is the Shit. Look at how Brianna's crank turned out.

What is it about chicks who promote booze? Is it me, or?

Maybe it's me. Anyway, chicks with bikes are way more interesting. Look who picked up bikes recently. Below is Laura with an 81' Ross Fixie that Bean built.

Got my finger on the trigger and might start cappin...

Alex stopped by recently. I love chick and bike photos.

The Dawes head badge is wicked hot.

Kate the Baller finally finished her "Sunday Bike". she wouldn't pose with it but here is two thousand words.

Fixedgeargallery ain't got shit on Bikeville.

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