Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Matchbox, Cinco De Mayo, and a Mariachi band

On May 5 we headed down to the Matchbox on Chicago ave and Milwaukee ave. Ron and Ryan had already put back a few Beamishes, so Clare, Jesse, and I tried to catch up with some help of Newcastle. While sitting outside, the Matchbox has great bike viewing from riders, commuters, racers, and cruisers. While staring at the street all of a sudden, a Mariachi band came around the corner! Lady Pillowtalk from Chicago was flabbergasted!

They were very excited. And they just kept coming and coming from around the corner! I was thinking maybe there were 3 or 4 members in a Mariachi Band but this one had more than ten!

Synchronized shouting and dancing is a given, but gyration was also included in the performance.

Ryan was enjoying himself. But ladies, beware: He's not actually a vegan. But he does shave his legs (I guess it makes him faster on his bike).

Mike was drinking Heineken and looking cool with shades and a cigarette.

We all had prime, rockstar parking. Right next to our table.
Here is Mike's bicycle..

Jesse found a good spot as well for her Miyata mixte fixy.

But Clare (Lady Pillowtalk) couldn't figure it out... Ryan and I decided it's time for training wheels.

And we found some on craigslist last night... $7 for one but 2 for $10!

Ron was rocking some Elvis sunglasses with a handsome jacket and.... a VERY handsome Cervelo tri-bike.

Ah well, we all had a great time. The Cointreau liquor pushers came around trying to get rid of tshirts and margarita samples. Clare had me stuff a lime squeezer, shaker, and stirrer into my bag.
At the end of the evening we ended up at our usual spot right across the street, D'Agastino's, for more drinks and food.

Written and photographed by, Bean.

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