Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not too drunk tonight

It's been a relatively peaceful day around here so alas, it's 10:30 and I'm sober! I've taken some great photos lately. I've wanted to post them for some time, but I'm usually two sheets by now.
Not to sound like a hypocrite. Even though I am. I'm starting to become an advocate for
helmets. I do own one, yet because I'm too dumb to rock it, you can more often than not find me without one. I believe in freedom of choice. If someone wants to drive without wearing a seatbelt, they should be free to be ejected from whatever vehicle they want to. Likewise with bikes, if someone wants to end it all on a slab of asphalt, so be it.
There have been a few visitors to the shop lately and one regular in particular, that have me rethinking my choice. You may have seen Sven's photo in recent posts.He's the guy that tries like hell to win the title of worst dressed Chicagoan. Well I have a more recent photo that shows he's into cosmetic surgery. Check this out!

Sven, claims to have made out with Division st. While riding without a helmet.
I have reason to believe he's been visiting Dr. 90210. Checkout the smirk in the following photo.

Those scars don't look like road rash. They kinda look unnatural, like, oh say...Botox? Or as Sven uses the code word, Botizzle.

Another fella came by recently. Showing of his new tattoo. Max Moore, a really nice guy, who seems to have his head on straight. Until, he decided on this little Frankenstein head tatt.

Boy the things some folks will do to make a fashion statement.
Now whenever I see him he tries to hide that tattoo and piercing mistake with a
helmet. Can't fool me, I saw him down at that Insight Studios place.

Chicks and....

Amy has moved into one of the rooms in the back of the shop with me. Now that's a reason for wearing a helmet. I'm gonna get drunk now.

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