Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Time!

I was having dinner with a friend Thursday night. It was 66 degrees out that evening and we were riding west on Division st. There were people still sitting outside, eating and drinking. I love summer but I have to admit, It's hard to beat a perfect autumn evening. I was wearing a light sweater buttons opened and catching the cool breeze of the evening. Then it hit me. What haven't I done to take advantage of the season? Unlike Critical Mass. What could be done to show non-cyclists just how sweet and beautiful cycling is. My answer?
Tweed Run!

So , here's your opportunity to get all dressed up. Show those Yuppies and other Philistines, that their Range Rovers are classless Shitboxes. Cause you're rinding in the...

Tour de Franzia!

So get your tweed riding wear together and join us Oct, 10Th. 8pm. Starting and ending location TBA. This should kick start the fall riding season. You don't want to miss it.


  1. Ron, I'm assuming you're organizing this.
    There better be prizes for best dressed, because I just made some corduroy knickers, and I'm gonna be STYLIN'. See u there.