Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things of Late

The Renegade Craft Fair came to our town recently. It's one of the only street fair type events that I ever attend. I find most of them boring. I also think paying the suggested donation is bullshit. I'm also no fan of Miller Lite and it's twin Bud, which seems to be the preferred offering at most street fairs. Alas however Renegade seems a bit different. (there is still cheap beer however).

While browsing the marketplace I noticed something completely different from last years fair. No one was selling bicycle top tube covers. NOT ONE! I ranted about this early this year. It always seemed like a dorky idea to me. Yet, last years festival had hundreds of pads to choose from. Hopefully those of you who no longer use them can recycle that inner foam or use it for it's intended purpose, covering pipes. I have some sweaty water pipe in back of the shop and would welcome your donation. Thank you Renegade for keeping pace with trends. (and giving us all, hot ladies to check out)

With that fulfilled prediction now in the record books, I'm going out on a weak limb here for my next psychic vision. THE END of COLORED DEEP-Vs!

Enough already. These have gotten way out of control. I know you say, deep is stronger and better for the street. Possibly, yes. But all these wheels to match seats and hipster sneaker colors is just tired. Sure some of the plain colors will remain, silver, black, white. But neon anything? No way. Checkered, snakeskin? Hell no! Also, if you're gonna have a front brake? Please get a machined wheel! Rubber on powdercoat does not work and looks horrid. Last year we had people coming in asking for wheels by color. Never once asking about hubs, build quality, spoke tension or thickness. Just, "do you got any yellow deep-Vs?" I've already seen ads on craigslist for guy's wanting to sell or trade one color for another. "I need to sell these cause I changed my Oury grips to blue." Silly Hipster.

These are limited edition wheels. Only 55 pairs being made. Why limited edition? Because they will be out of style before the UPS man gets them to your door. Sucka.

Oh you colored wheels, we hardly knew ye.

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