Monday, April 19, 2010

Cute Bag

I'm normally not the soft type. I recently rebuilt a bike for Emily. She's co-owns a Chicago company that makes cycling bags for ladies. These can be found at a number of bike shops locally. Or perhaps, even better directly from their website. Since I'm only a fan of a few the shops that sell them. I have to admit, it really dressed the hell out of her bike. Here's a picture of what the bike looked like when I finished.

Hot for sure. I't didn't at all seem naked to me until I looked at the photo I took as she prepared to take her maiden voyage on the new setup. She had added her bag and, well...

Looks so much more lady like. Takes the raw steel look and completely softens it. I'm a fan. Call me soft.


  1. I saw those bags at Blvd. Bikes. They are pretty swanky. And pricey! Didn't know they were made by local ladies though.

  2. Nice job on the bike. Does she make any MANLY bags?

  3. Manly? No just girly. Contact her through the link. I know they're working on new stuff.