Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Before ...and After!

This is what started the project, a simple but heavy Raleigh Sports 3-speed cruiser:
The fenders and chain guard are still around if anyone needs them.

Ron saw the beauty in this bike and through art and sculpture created this:

A sweet mix of the old and the new. Classic vintage frame that turned out to be very light, fixed gear with new track wheels (Alexrims R450), 700x20 tanwall tires, great Raleigh cottered crank, vintage Elina saddle...

Taking notice of what starts many builds really makes me appreciate building as an art, as functional sculpture. Just like Michelangelo said, when he sees a block of stone he sees the sculpture trying to get through. And then he sculpts the block to reveal it.

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  1. i'm sitting at work trying to kill time and happend to stumble upon my beautiful bike (which is currently locked up in the back awaiting for five o'clock.)I just gave it a tune up yesterday and it's flying. I look forward to seeing you guys when I head back to Chicago in the fall. thanks for all your help on the repairs and for building this beauty. it's the best thing I own!