Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surreal Bicycles or How to Use Your Imagination

Cycling is not just a form of transportation; it is a passion, an obsession and need that bicycle lovers are always trying to fulfill. For some, it is a way to use their imaginations to design gorgeous, sexy bicycles. These are the bikes that maybe you only ride in sunny weather and make sure rain never touches them. The bikes that you secretly love to show because they are masterpieces. Then there are those who really like to use their imaginations and take bicycles to new heights of creativity or craziness.

This is going to be more a visual post showing what people have done with bicycles using their imaginations.

Look how happy these guys look.

Damn this is a good idea.

It speaks for itself.

Who needs steel?

So I am calling all you bike lovers out there to go out and use your imagination with your bike(s). You don't have to make a seven person bike or figure out how to transport beer around. Just adding a bit of decoration to your lugs or spicing up your bike in any form, is using your creative mind. SO GO HAVE SOME!

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