Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thought it was just a fad

I bought my first fixed gear bike in 2001. I'd been a bike collector for many years, but never had the desire to jump on fixie until a friend who worked in a local shop, urged me to try one out.  I jumped on the little fucker and road for about a mile. It was my first time. No brakes, no helmet, no common sense and no way was I coming back. I called my friend from the road and told him I was keeping the bike. Bill my card.

I didn't think much of it then. After all, It was one of maybe, fifteen bikes in my living room. I remember having this need to go faster. I experimented with a range of tires. Finally settling on a set of Vittoria's at about $70.00 each, retail. I started doing things, like putting the bike on my bathroom scale, checking it against all the other bikes in the house. I got lighter bars, then a lighter seat. I was pissed off when the scale didn't return the desired results. Fixed fever had set in. A disease that had claimed many, was now full blown in me.     

More tomorrow...

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