Friday, February 27, 2009

Would You Rock it? Accessory Woes

I've been giving a lot of thought to accessory design. With the warmer weather approaching we'll see Lot's of new things. New cycling caps, shorts, spoke cards, lights and so forth. One thing that's been troubling me is, top tube pads. I'm just not so sure about them. I've taken a small poll around the shop and the consensus seems to be favorable. I've heard new ideas like, maybe they should be shorter, or some are too thick. For me it's a style issue. Do they look dorky? I think they do. Some will argue that, they keep your bike from getting scratched when you lock up. Others say they keep your jeans from rubbing the paint off your top tube. Huh? Seems silly to me.

The only way I might possibly consider using one, is if it were easily removable. Clip-on clip of. Riding with the thing wrapped all around the tube? No way, not gonna do it. I know I'm gonna hear, folks say, you gonna get your bike all scratched up. Look, if it's an everyday commuter mule of a bike, let it get a little mucked up. Who cares? Maybe some thief might have mercy on the beast and leave it be. On the other hand, if it's my favorite whip, my baby, the one that gives me street cred? No way It's getting a pad. Furthermore, I'm not the kind of guy that would dare lock my favorite bike to a parking meter. Makes no difference what kind of KrytoBulldogFuhgetaboutitnewyork lock you can buy. I'm not locking my baby to a pole.

They only way I'd leave her is with two serious looking guys, in Brooks Brothers suits, rockin Aviators, with bulges in their jackets. Yeah, some presidential type security. But since it's too late to get the financing put into the stimulus bill, I guess I'll have to get people to understand. The mule can sit outside, but my baby's coming in with me. Top tube pad my ass.

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