Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking to Do Something Different

Wherever I go, I'm always looking at what people ride. I look at websites like, and others. There's tons of really cool bikes around the world. But as spring aproaches I seem to have developed a taste for something really hot. Not just, gold trim or colored Velocity's or purple bar tape. Something that set's a bike apart from every other one on the street.
I've always seen bikes as art. I'm sure there are others that share this same view. What I'd really like to see and create are art bikes. When you google art bike images, you get some really wacked out results. Such as:   

I can accept it as art, but really...a bike? Not so much. It must be tough to pedal from atop the throne. Especially if your pants are around your knees.

Or get a load of this heap. A twisted mister.:
Interesting? Not as a bike. Maybe as non-functional sculpture. What's up with the rear brake cable?

What I'd like to see more of, and please feel free to email Ideas folks, is something that is both cool and functional. A one of a kind bike. A masterpeice like this:

Colnago just might be on to something. Although I'm not sure if this is one of a kind.

I'm gonna work at this all summer and will be looking for artists and ideas. I'm thinking it's time to have some fun with this.

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