Sunday, March 1, 2009

Notes from the Handmade Bike Show

It's Sunday morning and we're still in Indianapolis. After a full tour of the show yesterday, I have some thoughts that I wanted to put down today. We'll be posting a full report later this week. One of the things I immediately noticed was the huge attendance. Even though as a nation we are experiencing tough economic times. The people in attendance seem to come from many and varied walks of life. I'm sure that there are some builders who couldn't make it. For those who did, the energy from those in attendance was uplifting. I've not seen so many smiles since election night 2008. What was so uplifting for me, as a guy into design, is how these builders go out of their way to be different from the mass produced stuff we see on the road today. Even the Schwinn family was manning the Waterford booth. There was none of the stuff that unfortunatly bears their name today, anywhere near the show. How sweet! We are about to head out for another tour shortly. Gonna try and speak with as many builders as possible. We have tons of photos and will be posting them real soon. Stay tuned.

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