Sunday, March 22, 2009

As seen in Chicago

The warmer weather gives us a chance to see all kinds of bikes and all sorts of riders. I must say, there are some real pieces of shit in our city. It's also worth noting that there are a great deal of truly nice rides here.

Something that bears notice, is the types of folks that ride certain types of bikes. It can be a lot of fun, bike watching. I'm a big fan of people watching. There's a comfy feeling I always derive from sitting in a cafe, especially one with windows that allow you view a continuous parade of passersby. So too with sitting and watching people on bikes. Actually, for someone who's easily turned on at the sight of a bike, it's kind of a doubling of your pleasure. While sitting in a park recently a friend (Lady Pillow Talk)schooled me on the differences in some of America's youth.

There was a threesome of guy's playing soccer in the park. From what I could gather from our conversation is that they were, excuse me if I get it wrong, "Dude Bro's". I was curious about these fellows, so I took photos.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what makes these guys Dude Bros, but one one thing I found worth noting is,

They sure do ride some shitty bikes!

She also pointed out to me, what I could best describe as a bit different. The "Alt Bro". I think it has something to do with hairy faces and Peabody glasses. Come to think of it, he looks a lot like that guy who ran off with my Richard Sachs video.

Now the "Alt bro" seems to have a different taste in bicycles. Although shades of red and blue are still prominent in the following pic as in the Dude Bro photo. The bike seems to be quite a bit more expensive. Doesn't seem to come with brakes. Serotta? Looks Italian, kinda like the Alt Bro's glasses.

The Lady Pillow talk is really abreast of society's types. Did you know there are still hippies in America? I thought they vanished after Volkswagon first discontinued the Bus.

But alas as the lady quickly pointed out. Hippies are alive and well and living right here in Chicago. Site of the 68' convention protests.

Even the peace sign is still visable on his shirt. Looks really good for a forty year old shirt.
One thing I noticed was he didn't have a bicycle. Probably too hard to ride, since he also had no shoes.

For sure there is something the lady and I agree on wholeheartedly. Bicycling sure does contribute to a tightening of ones ass.

Not sure if it was the glow of the sun, or the glow of a nice ass that made that photo so bright. I'm thinking life's about to get real interesting around here.

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