Saturday, March 7, 2009

Notes from A drunk Fuck

So it's 12:30am on Sat.and I've had a few. A few too many that is. So I figured I'd blog about stuff in general. Stuff like what pisses me off, or what I've grown tired of. Kind of a rant from a drunk. Young kids these days use a few words that fucking really make me cringe. One is the word, random. I hear that fucking word way too much. People will tell you a story or give you a rundown on their day and say the word random even when what occurred wasn't random. could have been just planned. Something can happen that was just so, and a kid will say it was kinda random. I grit my teeth and say to myself. what the fuck was random? The fact that you ran into a Chevy instead of an Audi? No, that ain't random it's just an Audi. Another word that frosts my shorts is, awkward. Jesus! Yeah, like I SAW MY EX GIRLFRIEND AND IT WAS REALLY AWKWARD! Please, come up with something else. Hey I saw my ex girlfriend and she's still as fucking annoying as she was when I was dating her. What's awkward about that? Hey my professor hit on me and it was really awkward. Yeah and way fucking unprofessional!

This just in,
Ryan's mate that was riding from Portland to Portland (Maine to Oregon0 just texted to say he can't do it.Gonna take a job instead! Shit, in this economy, who would have thought that a new job would be the game changer? With that, I gotta go take a whizz. Be back soon.

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