Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's around the corner?

I grapple everyday about our industry. I'm constantly watching riders. I'm forever trying to determine if there seems to be more commuters, fixie riders, joy riders, piece of shit riders and so forth. I'm interested in hearing from others. What do you think will happen in the near future, to the bicycle industry? It's nearing that time of year in Chicago where temps will be consistently above freezing. This will no doubt bring riders out of the woodwork. We can get really busy around the shop when that happens. While many bike shops and bike builders are chomping at the bit, I for one don't look forward to it. I'm not a big fan of fair weather only riders. What I am just a bit curious about is, What's the future of the cycling industry? What's to come of the cycling community as a whole? Will it increase in numbers? Will more people abandon their cars and join the ranks of two wheelers? Will the fixed gear guys that you never see after October get back out there? Will they want and be able to afford even more colorful wheels? What fashion will they adopt? Real cycle clothing for a change, or more flat brim baseball caps? We around the shop here have attended many cycling related events this winter. The turnout at all of them was overwhelming. There appears to be a great deal of really serious folks in the community. I want to create some crazy art projects this year. Hopefully, we don't get bogged down tuning up a ton of bikes that have been sitting around for years, while their owners waited for the perfect day to get out and go for a ride.

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