Monday, March 9, 2009

In Search of Ideas Who's got em?

So I recently purchased this bike from my buddy over at Nearly New Shop.
I'm in love with old English Bikes and try to grab them whenever I can. Names like Royal Scot, Raleigh, Dunelt, Triumph, Hercules, to name a few. Most of these bikes are pretty solidly built. They can often be had for a song. The downside is, many are quite heavy. I've found however that given a lighter wheelset and changing the crank to an alloy 3 piece design, can greatly reduce their weight. I always struggle with what to do with these bikes because they are just so damn beautiful as is. The full fenders, the classy chainguard and classic British paint, really suck me in. Just look at this beauty.

So I sat and thought and pondered. What the hell to do with the little beast? Sure it needs a good cleaning, some steel wool to take care of the rust. Change the bars to alloy add a Brooks saddle. But that would only make it prettier. Not really any better. I decided to air the tires up, tighten the crank arm a bit,and take it out for a spin.

Immediately I notice the crank arms loosening. I'm heading to the bar, which isn't very far, so hopefully it will make it. I can tell as I pedal on that,both hubs are likely dry as a bone. The tires though new, are not seated properly and the rear end kinda bounces up and down. Very common with cheap 26 in tires. The wheels appear stressed and won't really hold up on city streets. I arrive at the bar, the little shit made it. But it still has to bring me back. Stay tuned.

Ok, as life goes in Chicago, it rains on the return trip. It's fenders are really keeping my ass dry, although the rest of me is soaked to the skin. One things for sure, the fenders will be included in the rebuild, as is the chain guard. The wheels however must go. I'll be posting the aftermath of the rebuild real soon.

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