Monday, March 2, 2009

What I've learned. Attending N*A*H*B*S

I must say. I didn't quite know what I was going to get out of our attendance to the handmade show. People kept asking me, what's it about? Are you just looking at bikes? Some said, I don't believe in looking at things I can't afford. I can say this, handmade builders are as much into practical affordable bikes as are major manufacturers. What you don't get is, a bike built cheaply, just to meet a cheap price point. Handmade builders don't seem to believe in inferior parts. Along with building high quality frames, (mostly out of steel) the thing that was most apparent was, the attention given to hubs, brakes, cranks, and ergonomics. Whats also really sweet was seeing people who really understand the rider. There's more to it than just building the fastest and lightest. It's not about coming up with a design and then letting a robot do it over and over again in different sizes, then splashing paint and enormous decals all over it. I've read from some bloggers, sarcastic comments about NAHBS. They are obviously misinformed, and choose to make negative comments to lift themselves. Shameful indeed and most irresponsible. I see the industry giving root to more handmade builders as the nations economy moves into a greener direction. I'll be posting some of the photos I took (poor angles, sorry) it was just too crowded to set up most shots.

Note NYCBS just posted a blog of repentance for mocking NAHBS. Thanks much.

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